2021: Sen. Samuel Carrión’s Year in Review

My Fellow Virgin Islanders,

I am truly honored and humbled by your vote of confidence to serve as your voice in the 34th Legislature of the Virgin Islands.

This first year has been marked by many things, but most importantly by hard work, long hours, and unwavering commitment. I am proud to report that since being sworn in, I have sponsored and co-sponsored various pieces of impactful legislation that have now become law, including appropriations to rebuild various roads and public structures, the creation of the first- ever Community Seed Banking Program, and policy empowering the GVI to better collect unpaid occupancy taxes from travel booking platforms, such as Vrbo.

As Chairman of the Committee on Youth, Sports, Parks and Recreation, I have held multiple hearings in both districts, to include topics ranging from youth empowerment, to summer employment opportunities, to the sports tourism industry. Furthermore, I have conducted tours, engaged with various community partners, and participated in working meetings to address crucial issues in our community.

Though much has been accomplished in these first few months, we still have a long way to go as we continue to address the multitude of issues facing Virgin Islanders. I remain whole-heartedly committed to offering solutions that will improve the quality of life in our territory through progressive, innovative, and forward-thinking legislation.

Progress for All! ¡Progreso para Todos!


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